Muppets in Motor Cars Showcasing the declining standard of driving on Sydney's roads


Still more people who can’t stay in their lane or indicate, a lane change done right, and some aggressive driving for good measure

Posted by Mario Nette

The camera doesn't show the car which gets cut in front of in the aggressive driving part of the clip, but really there was only just enough room for the guy who changed lanes like Speed Racer. Not sure why the driver couldn't just wait a moment and get behind the car in question, after giving the drivers behind some warning.. I guess it wouldn't have felt as awesome to do it safely or something. An "attaboy" to the Prado driver who didn't rush his lane change, which otherwise would have happened as the cab two lanes over simultaneously merged into the middle lane with no indicator.


A bit of the of the usual, a sidestreet hunter, a swerver in a ute and a drive-by-brailler

Posted by Mario Nette

The sidestreet hunter is of particular note because I don't think the camera really gets across how close it looked in real life.  I think the truck may have dabbed the brakes a bit just before it came into shot, because from where I was sitting, the whole thing looked very sketchy, in terms of the truck->car distance and closing speed, I mean.  The super wide angle really makes everything seem slower and more distant.

Just to clarify the comment in the video that this driver's manoeuvre is potentially fatal to motorcyclists, if the driver has properly scanned their rear view mirror for other vehicles, it's fine of course.  If the driver doesn't see an approaching vehicle though (motorcycles being harder to see than cars this is a real possibility, especially if the driver is being hasty with their decision to turn off), this can spell disaster.  Being turned across is one of the most common ways a motorcyclist can come to grief.  Of course, a well-trained rider with his or her mind on the job would have noticed this car acting strangely and slowed down to allow more room to react, but we're all human and not all of us are experienced yet to catch everything that goes on around us.  Please check your mirrors very carefully if you ever have to do this sort of thing.  Check twice even.


More of what you’ve come to expect from Sydney drivers

Posted by Mario Nette

That is to say, some lane changing without indicating, some improper mirror checking before lane changing, a pinch of not being able to stay in one's lane, and a skerrick of stopping in the middle of the road for no apparent reason.


Impatience and laziness…

Posted by Mario Nette

A couple of drivers who aren't keen to be slowed down by red lights, and a couple who can't be bothered with - you guessed it - indicators.


A couple of non-indicators, a wanderer, and a slightly changed video format

Posted by Mario Nette

More of the usual stuff.  Just upgraded to iMovie '09, and it has a few features '08 was missing, giving me a few more options in the editing.


A quick one for the 11th and 12th

Posted by Mario Nette


Two days of muppets

Posted by Mario Nette

The usual, a mixed bag of people who can't stay in their own lane, don't indicate, and a couple of red runners for good measure.


A couple of wanderers and a greenhorn being green

Posted by Mario Nette

It keeps amazing me how a lane which is about 50% wider than the car in it can still be insufficient.  Of course, if the drivers wandering into the next lane are playing with the radio, phone etc., all bets are off...


More catching up!

Posted by Mario Nette

More of the usual behaviours. The L-plater in the SUV was swerving a lot before the footage in this clip. I had footage of the swerving, but it doesn't show in video as much as it did to my eye so I left it out. There was an iPhone mounted to the windscreen (you can see the blue glow to the right of the driver in the clip), and the screen was definitely changing between sightings of it at lights, so I suspect it may have been in use while driving. A great habit for a learner to get into, if that's correct.


Another long overdue video!

Posted by Mario Nette

So, it's turning out that editing videos can be really time-consuming, and I've fallen quite a way behind. I'm on the hunt for some better software that won't cost a fortune, as iMovie '08 is a bit clunky in the way it does some things. Anyway, here's another video, from the 27th, 28th and 29th of June.


It’s been a while! Here, have a video. :)

Posted by Mario Nette

I've been a bit busy lately to religiously capture vids and process them quickly.  Hopefully I can make up for it with a bunch of vids in the coming week, I have a bit of footage saved up.

This vid is made up of clips captured on the 15th, 16th, 17th and 25th of June, 2010.


A few captures after a quick drive through the city..

Posted by Mario Nette

I took a quick spin through the city to have a look at the Sydney Vivid Festival lights, and captured these moments in the process.


Another viewer submission!

Posted by Mario Nette

Our friend Peter has provided us with another couple of clips, which I have edited into a single video. First, the green Discovery attempts to merge into him, without indicating, mind you. Second, watch the Lexus take the racing line through an intersection.


A quickie for the 6th of June!

Posted by Mario Nette


Angry emerald city’s rainbow (WTF headline?)

Posted by Mario Nette

A stupid title for an article if you ask me, but there's some mention here of the behaviour of drivers over this rainy month in Sydney.  Aside from the June 3 video below, I also drove past a pretty fresh-looking pileup (which they reported on the radio involved 10 cars) on the opposite side of the Roseville Bridge as I headed towards the city at 5:15pm on Friday afternoon (June 4th).  It's not hard to imagine some muppetry may have been involved in kicking that little gathering off.

WILD weather has caused havoc on the roads and brought out the worst in Sydney drivers, many of them succumbing to a bad case of ''rain rage''.

NRMA Insurance figures show there were 500 more collisions in the Sydney metropolitan area in the second half of May, compared to the drier earlier part of the month.

The other road-related problem which comes with large amounts of rain is potholes.  I have a mind to stay off the bike for a while even once the weather fines up, just to allow time for them all (ha!) to be filled and for traffic to clean the roads up a bit - you can dodge potholes if you see them in time of course, but potholes also make gravel which gets spread all over the road - a hazard I'd rather avoid for now...

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Some more muppets for you..

Posted by Mario Nette

Today's specials are an inexplicably indecisive lane changer, a guy in a Falcon wagon who appears to think he's driving a large truck, and an old lady in a Peugeot who's all over the shop, and keen to use her indicators in fresh, innovative ways.


Why wipe off 5 when you can chuck on 20?

Posted by Mario Nette

The opening scene shows me in the midst of a lane change in pretty heavy rain.  I checked my blind spot a second time part way through the change, and saw headlights approaching rapidly.  Too rapidly for me to work out what lane they were in through the water pouring all over the windows, so I held off completing the change.  See what happens!  Also, we have our first muppet on a motorcycle in this vid.


Another mixed bag..

Posted by Mario Nette

This one has a bit of failure to indicate, a bit of wandering between lanes (the Commodore doing the wandering and the car in the following scene failing to indicate are the same vehicle otherwise I wouldn't have put the second bit of footage in the video), and a P-plater in a green Golf crossing the centreline at the end. It's good to get those bad habits happening early, after all.


Our first viewer-submitted video!

Posted by Mario Nette

Peter sent us this vid of an L-plater (in the VW wagon) pulling out in front of him, due to a Hilux in the next lane over apparently cutting the learner off while changing lanes. Thanks Peter!  If you've got a video you'd like to contribute, please email me at mario at muppetsinmotorcars dot com.


Lucky dip!

Posted by Mario Nette

Today we have a couple of wanderers, an impatient non-indicator and a guy who gets as close as possible to running the red without actually doing it, as far as I can tell.  I've watched the clip in slow mo several times and I think he may have been just over the lines as the lights changed.  I wouldn't want a police officer to see me doing this, though!